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Chapter 10 : Information Technology

Pros and Cons of Information Technology

Information Technology has contributed to the world with a high extent. Without its contribution there is a doubt that we could achieve this ‘technological world’ today or not. But even though, some people are raising some statements that Information Technology (IT) Solutions are taking away the Privacy of Normal people and breaking overall reputation of World Wide Human knowledge.
So let us check in the article some good sides (pros) and bad effects(cons) of Information Technology in some points. According to Google’s definition service, it says-

“the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information”. – Google Definition.

So by the definition as it provides, we understand here that ‘the engineering branch which helps us to communicate, pass our individual knowledge, store & share them by computer and other modern technologies is called Information technology.’

Information Technology Pros

1. The world got flexibility
What we think, do or plan must be shared with our co-workers, colleagues and friends. The internet technology has advanced this system to a great extent. The telephone idea (by Alexander Graham Bell) has been modified and made as Cell Phones to increase more flexibility in communication and talk to our dear fellows whenever we require!

2. The sense of responsibility has increased
Let us take ‘Barack Obama- USA President’ as the figure. With the use of networking sites (Twitter and Facebook), blogs, social bookmarking, the leader can approach to the world whenever necessary and we can receive the news and updates which he has done (or wants to be done by us) within a very short period.

3. Easy thinking & evolution in transportation
To think and to research, we need resources to find what our past people has thought, what quotes they have left for us (+information + theory). We can find them by a single click in Search engines (specially Google, Yahoo!). By getting a clear cut idea, we get the chance of contributing the world with new technological ideas and inventions and share what we have learnt throughout our lives.
And throughout the ages, it helped us to evolute the transportation strategy which helps us to visit from a place to another by (Roads, highways, air, water and in the skies!)

4. Saves thousand of lives daily
So, by the point heading I hope you understand I am referring towards Medical Sector development. Each day people are getting relief by the perfect use of Medicine, Hospital Technology with addition of (X-Rays, Laser Treatments) and more on the queue. By the combination of the World Health Organization, various fatal diseases can be overcome and just expelled from specified countries by quick plans and ideas.

5. Increase the sense of Human Rights
The technology can remind of our human rights, basic needs and give updates where relief or worldwide help is necessary. During earthquakes, terrible floods, while co-operation is necessary the World Wide Web can help us to collect the donation by a desired amount.
It is not possible to just figure out everything about the good and bad sides of Information and Technology within a page and article as because it has mixed with every aspects and corners of our lives. Rather, let us look at the side effects, bad sides (cons) which IT-sectors have brought to the Human Society.

Information Technology Cons

It has taken away people’s Privacy
As IT-Sectors have wined the people’s heart worldwide. People are here to share and store any kind of information, private date in their hard drives and private online databases. But due to some Cyber-Criminals, nothing is SO Safe both online and offline. If someone becomes a bit careless, s/he may needs to pay high for it.

The online community is not safe for Family anymore
Children under age may often share Cell Numbers, Private Email Address which can be hacked by people and can pass it to the criminals who have a blue-print to harm the society. And people are loosing credit card privacy and other payment processing options. Again, there are some sites created by Nasty Guys, which can lead under eighteen teenagers to a different path – That Is Going To Bring Harms To The Nation.

It is going to damage a Human’s Natural Power
We can think, gather human principles (ethical knowledge) and make co-operative relationships between friends and families. But due to harmful aspects of (IT) people are becoming fully technological based. And it can bring huge damage to the society as its taking away the natural thoughts and organic ideas.

It can bring World Destruction without Efficient Administration
This is an extra point which I am writing by remembering various Science Fictions. Great scholars have though about the matter wisely. Til now, we (humans) are possessing the leading place in the world and administering the computer technology. But a day MAY come when the technology is going to administer us in all aspects. It may probably happen that we are converted to the slaves of Technology.
So, by this cons I am not trying to tell that Technology is here to bring harms only, because I myself is a technological man who passes 24 hours browsing computer and talking on phones. But as a part of human society we need to give up a look at the both sides of IT.


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